Fall 2017 Game Day Football Program

Team Discounts Available on
Select Custom Under Armour
Football Uniforms

Design your Team Uniform &
Build your Team Shop

Team Gear

is offering two Under Armour Program Packages, the Highlight Package and the Spotlight Package.



Step 1.
Design your Team Uniform

Use the UA Team Uniform Builder to custom design your uniform by 04/21 to be eligible for a team discount

Launch and Login

Launch the builder, and login; go through the step-by-step process to select and create your design.

Download the PDF

Download the PDF that is created, once you've completed your design.

Send to Team Gear

Send the PDF to Team Gear, so we can evaluate your artwork. Email sales@teamgearinc.com

Step 2.
Build Your Team Shop

To receive the full offering/incentive, get your shop online!
Use our store request module to help us get you going.

First, Check out the Demo Store:
Launch the Demo Store →
Then Buld your Team Shop:
Launch the Store Conigurator →