Who builds the online store?

Online stores are constructed and hosted by Team Gear. Of course, we work together to select just the right set of products, sizes, colors, and prices for your players or organization.

Can the online store be branded?

Team Gear stores reflect the logo of your team and can have similar branding to that of your website. Each store is built with a header featuring your teams name and logo.

Do you charge for logo designs?

Once the set of items for your store have been determined, our design professionals can work with you to develop your logo. We typically do not charge for this service, but we can request compensation should total sales not meet a mutually agreed upon level. During the logo development process, you can speak with or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our artists. If you already have a logo you can send it to us to use in your store.

How do we decide which items to include in our store?

You may include any items available to Team Gear from a large array of high quality manufacturers—including UA and others. The items we offer can be found in our catalog.

Can items be personalized?

Yes, items can include individual names and numbers which is essential for team uniforms and spiritware often purchased and proudly worn by family members.

Is there a set up fee?

We view the relationship as a partnership. We typically do not charge a fee to create a store. However, we reserve the right to be compensated for our time if total sales do not exceed a mutually agreed upon minimum.

How are prices determined?

For each item in your store, Team Gear will provide you with unit and personalization costs. The prices in our online catalog exclude decoration fees. You may then elect to increase the price of any items to act as a fundraiser—excluding taxes, shipping and coupons. Working cooperatively, we will identify any prices that appear uncompetitive and suggest alternative values. However, the ultimate pricing decision is yours.

How does Team Gear facilitate fundraising?

The aggregate difference between the Team Gear quoted cost and the price published within your Store (less any applied coupons) becomes your “Rebate.” Rebates are provided, as a check, typically two to three weeks after all orders have been fulfilled and shipped.

What requirements do you have?

As an online store requires considerable time to create, we expect that you will actively promote the availability of your store and the items within it. Typical awareness methods include emails to your members, letters and printed materials, active word of mouth initiatives and a link from your website to your online store.

How are purchases made?

Players or their parents select items from your store and can pay for them online via MasterCard or Visa. For maximum flexibility, we can also capture orders against a Group Purchase Order. If using a Group Purchase Order, we would require payment prior to initiating production, packaging, and shipping. These payment approaches (Credit Card and Group Purchase Order) are not mutually exclusive.

What shipping methods are available?

We can ship items directly to the address provided by individual buyers. We can also pack and ship orders to one or more “Coordinators” who physically distribute the purchased items to each buyer. For the Coordinators’ convenience, we group items and provide a copy of the invoice for each buyer in the package. These two shipping approaches are also not mutually exclusive.

How long do stores stay open?

During the setup process, we agree upon open and close dates for your store. Stores do not remain open for an extended period of time. Upon closing of the store, items are ordered and production begins on artwork and customization.

When are purchased items available?

Production is queued until the "Closure" date of the Store wherein production for all purchased/ordered items begins—with shipping occurring after production is complete.

If you have additional questions, please contact us. We would be delighted to help.